Education Bursary Scheme

The BFS Sixth Form Bursary Fund is designed to help and support any student who faces financial barriers to participation in education and training.

The Bursary Application Form can be downloaded here.

The Hardship Fund Application Form can be downloaded here.



Support Available

Young people in care.

Care leavers.

Young people receiving Income Support or Universal Credit in place of Income Support.

Disabled young people receiving Employment and Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, or Personal Independence Payment in their own right.


Vulnerable Learner payment of £1,200 per year

Students in receipt of Free School Meals or they have evidence they meet the eligibility criteria.

Monthly discretionary payments

Students eligible for Free School Meals.
Students with parents/carers in receipt of Child Tax Credits

‘One-off’ discretionary payments

Conditions - All bursary payments will be directly linked to attendance, behaviour and academic commitment. To continue to receive a bursary a student must satisfy the following conditions;

The student must not have unauthorised and unexplained absence or lateness to lessons or school

The student must not have broken the terms of the Sixth Form Contract on be on CEC

It is best practice to pay 'in kind' bursaries rather than cash, except in exceptional circumstances as advised by the Education Funding Agency. Such items will be provided to individuals and in the case of books or equipment that are awarded as a discretionary bursary, they should be returned at the end of the course to enable them to be re-used by other students.  In the case of guaranteed bursaries the value of these items and how their cost is deducted from the £1200 will be made clear to students and those that support them.

Students wishing to apply for a Bursary must complete the application form (please click on the link below) and return it to the Sixth Form Admin Office.

All applications will be considered and assessed by the Head of Sixth Form. A parent/carer, where applicable, will be notified of the decision and an indication of the award. You have the right to appeal and/or complain to the headteacher if you feel your case has not been given fair consideration. This must be in writing. The final decision rests with the Headteacher.

Please note: that the school can withdraw this support if we believe circumstances have changed.